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Instrument cluster removal on 2000+

Author: bubba
Date: Sat Oct 27, 2007 12:08 pm

Many reasons that you may need to remove the instrument cluster but this DIY is aimed primarily at replacing burned out dash illumination bulbs and in particular the bulb that backlights the Odometer area as it tends to burn out first. What you do with the instrument cluster once out is up to you.

Tools needed to complete this job are very minimal

#2 phillips screwdriver
small pair of pliers, needle nose are best

First step is to remove the two phillips screws located above the Instrument Cluster as shown below.

Now turn the two dash heater vents on either side of the radio so that they aim to the inside. This will give a good handle to grasp the trim panel and remove. Pic only shows hand grasping the outer because other hand is holding the camera. shuffle Both hands in each vent and pull outward to release the plastic retaining clips for the trim panel.

Now turn the dash vent nearest the door in the same way to get a handhold and again pull outwards to release the retaining clips. The clips right under the Instrument Cluster opening will sometimes not release so a gentle pull outwards in this area will also release these clips.

Once the trim panel is loose is will easily pull out over the steering wheel as shown.

Now just remove the three phillips screws that retain the Instrument Cluster in place.

Just roll the top of the Instrument Cluster towards you and disconnect the electrical connectors on the top. 2000-01 will have two on each side. 02 and later will have two on left and one on the right.

the Instrument Cluster will now come right out thru the left side behind steering wheel. This is a pic of the backside of the Instrument Cluster. Six arrows point to the illumination bulbs. The one in center bottom is the Odometer illumination bulb. Other five are illumination for the rest of the Instrument Cluster when turning on the exterior lights. Also made note of the two turn signal bulbs as they also sometimes go out. The rest of the bulbs are for warning lights. All bulb sockets are asily removed by turning the socket counterclockwise 45' and pulling right out. This is where the needle nose pliers will come in handy unless you have very tiny but strong fingers! Laughing

8. Here are the bulbs/sockets. Odometer bulb is different from the rest only by the gray color of the connector and the green sleeve over the bulb. If you are wanting to use OE parts then the bulbs are not available separately from the sockets. The Odometer illumination bulbs is shown bottom left with OE part number LC71-55-431 and MSRP of $7.70. You will need quantity of one. The other five illumination bulbs are shown top left with OE part number LC63-55-431 and MSRP of $3.60 each. You will need quantity of five if replacing all. If you also want to replace the two turn signal bulbs then they are the same as the five illumination bulbs.
If you want to go less expensive aftermarket then the package shown on right is a good replacement. Use bulb trade number 2721 to get from your favorite parts store. The green sleeve covering the Odometer bulb is usually quite easily removed and transfered to your new aftermarket bulb. There are times when it has been baked on and will simply not come off. The 2721 bulb should also be available in green tint as well. The package of two bulbs cost me $1.99. Once all bulbs are installed then reassemble in the reverse order of removal.
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