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Oil pan Remove and Replace on 00 and up.

Author: bubba
Date: Wed Nov 07, 2007 3:43 pm

The following photos and explanations should give you a fairly good idea of what steps are needed in order to remove the oil pan on 2000 and later MPV so that you can either replace the oil pan gasket or replace the oil pan as is the case here. The replacement oil pan with built in gasket is OE part number ZZC2-10-400 with MSRP of $102.35. If just wanting to replace the metal and rubber gasket that van came with then use OE part number AJ04-10-431 with MSRP of $47.34

#1 Get the MPV up in the air either on a hoist or using jackstands. Make sure if using jackstands that the van is stable and safe as you will be underneath it for a while. Once up in the air, remove drain plug and drain oil. Spray the exhaust bolts that will be removed in later steps with a good penatrating oil.

#2 Remove these four bolts and then the crossmember.

#3 The exhaust pipe that blocks complete access to the oil pan will need to be removed. At the rear of the pipe, remove these two lock nuts and the exhaust hanger shown to the right of the pipe.

#4 Now head up to the front of the van and remove these three lock nuts that secure the exhaust pipe to the left exhaust manifold. 02 and later shown. 00-01 similar in that there are only two locknuts.

#5 If van is 02 or later then you get to skip the next three steps and go straight to step #8. On 00-01 you will also need to remove these two lock nuts that secure the exhaust pipe to the right side exhaust manifold.

#6 Oxygen sensor is mounted in the pipe being removed so remove these two harness brackets from the oil pan studs.

#7 Just to the rear of the crankshaft pulley is the sensor connector. Unplug it and then remove the exhaust crossover pipe.

#8 Turnabout is fairplay. Since 02 and later owners got to skip the last 3 steps, you will need to remove these three nuts for the exhaust hanger. The top one does not need to be completely removed but only loosened halfway or so. Once removed and loosened then you are ready to remove the crossover pipe as well.

#9 Remove these two 14mm bolts that go into the transmission bellhousing and this rubber plug marked with yellow X.

#10 02 and later MPV's have a steel protective plate for the drive belts and crank pulley. Remove these two 10mm nuts and remove the plate.

#11 Finally readly to remove the oil pan. There are 15 bolts. Do not forget the two that are hiding up in the recessed area of the oil pan near the transmission (see two arrows). A good quality 13mm deep socket works the best. Cheap sockets or impact sockets are too thick to get a socket onto the two hidden bolts. Once all 15 bolts are removed and accounted for then tap the pan with a rubber mallet to break loose the seal. Does not take too much to knock loose so be gentle.

Here is a look at the total of parts that were removed to get the pan off. New oil pan is on the far right.

Here is a look at the old oil pan on the left with separate prone to leak gasket. The new oil pan on the right comes complete with built in gasket as well as all new bolts.

Once the oil quits dripping and the pan surface on block has been cleaned, then apply a small dab of Permatex Ultra Grey (or your favorite sealer ) to these two areas where the timing chain cover and block meet just prior to putting the oil pan in place.. Please, please do not use the Orange stuff. It looks sooooooooo shadetree. I absolutely dread opening up a hood and seeing Orange goo oozing out from between various engine components.

Once the oil pan bolts have been reinstalled to finger tight, install the two 14mm bolts into the transmission bellhousing removed at step 9. Lightly snug up the two bolts and then back off 1/8 turn. This will ensure that the oil pan is nice and squarely fit against the bellhousing as the oil pan bolts are tightened. If an air gap is allowed between the oil pan and bellhousing after the 15 bolts have been tightened there could be potential for pan breakage as those two bolts are attempted to be tightened.Finally a nice new oil pan with no more oil drips on the garage floor.

Here is the recommended tightening sequence for the oil pan bolts. Bolt tightening torque for the oil pan bolts is 15-22 ft/lbs.
Bellhousing bolts are torqued to 28-38 ft/lbs. Exhaust bolt torque is 29-37 ft/lbs.

If you are just replacing the gasket and forgot where the oil pan bolts with the little stud ends go back into then refer to this diagram. 00-01 does not use a stud in the lower right circled spot.

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