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Transmission oil flush for 2000+

Author: bubba
Date: Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:39 pm

There is really no need to pay a shop to perform a tranmission fluid flush on your van when it is easily done at home in the garage or driveway. Very Happy

Tools and supplies needed are very minimal

Pair of plies to remove a spring type hose clamp
8 inch length of bulk hose with 3/8" inner diameter available at any parts store
Drain pan
Funnel that will fit in dipstick tube for refilling oil
12 qts ATF. Dexron/Mercon 3
Empty, clear gallon jug that has been marked in 1/2 qt. increments

Start off by opening the hood and checking the fluid level in the transmission. Here is the transmission dipstick location. Fluid level is check on level ground. Engine idling, and fully warmed up.

The fluid level should be between these marks. If overfull or underfull we will not worry about yet but just make a mental note when refilling at last step. Refer back to this picture for setting the fluid level when done.

We now need to find the lines to the transmission oil cooler. They are located just behind this area of the bumper on non-tow package vans.

Looking from underneath we need to remove this plastic shield to gain access to the oil cooler line. Two 10mm bolts and two clips are all that hold the shield in place. Also remove this 10mm bumper attaching bolt

The plastic clips can be difficult to remove but just pry the center part (yellow arrow) away from the main body of the clip so that the expanded part will collapse (red arrows) and pull out of the hole.

If your van is not equipped with the tow package, this is the view you will see from underneath. (Do not yet have a pic of tow package cooler but will add it as soon as I get one Rolling Eyes ). Need to use the pliers to remove this hose clamp. Uhhh ignore the dried leaf. Embarassed

Once the clamp is removed them give the hose a twist to break free of cooler fitting and pull off of oil cooler like this. Be carefull not to squeeze the hose so hard that you crush the metal pipe inside.

Now use that 8 inch piece of bulk hose and attach to the cooler like this. Use a zip tie or wire to hold the hoses together and aim downwards into your drain pan.

Once your hoses are aimed into the pan below and will not be moving around then just start the engine and watch the old dirty oil flow out of the hose into the pan.

Once the oil starts to sputter out and diminish in flow like this then shut off the engine. Don't worry, it is not going to blow up the transmission when the pump runs low on oil for a seconds.

When the oil stops dribbling from the hose then pour the old oil into your gallon jug to see how much has been removed. In this case a little over 3 1/2 qts. This is the amount of new fluid you are going to pour back into the transmission. I have a separate clean bottle for new oil but is not necessary if buying oil in quart containers.

New oil goes into the funnel that you inserted into the dipstick tube. You will find that with the tranmission cooler line disconnected the oil flows right in without burping back on you. This is because the air being displaced inside has a place to vent at the removed hose. If you have ever just done a drain and fill on your PV you will know what I mean about the oil burping back out of the funnel at you.

Once you have replenished the amount of oil removed, just put pan back under the hose and start up engine again. No real need to remeasure as pretty much the same amount of oil is going to be pushed out the second time. Repeat this same thing one or two more times and you will have flushed approx 90-95% of the fluid out and replaced with new. Very Happy

Totalo fluid capacity of the GF4A-EL 4 speed trans in the 2000-01 MPV is 8.5 US qts.
Total Fluid capacity of teh JA5A-EL 5 speed used in the 2002 and later MPV is 10.3 US qts.

10-12 qts will easily replace the vast majority of fluid in the transmission as you can see from the above fluid capacities.

Leave the oil cooler line disconnected when refilling for the last time so it will flow in easier but use about 1/2 to 1 qt less than before. This will allow you to precisely refill to correct fluid level for final filling.
Remove your piece of bulk hose, reinstall the oil cooler line and clamp. Start up the engine and allow to run for a minute before checking fluid level. Add extra fluid as needed in small increments to bring level back up to the cold or lower level marks on the dipstick.
Your transmission fluid should now be nice clear pink color like what was in the new bottles.
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