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Substitute For The Tether Anchor In The Third Row Seat

Author: LazyFox
Date: Tue Jul 01, 2003 4:46 pm

Disclaimer: I'm not in any way a safety expert. I just got this idea how to solve the problem of missing tether anchors in the third row and thought this might be better than nothing. Also you might find different way to loop the strap through the buckles as well, but make sure it works and the strap is not getting loose. Use only at your own risk. 

First you need to have a car seat or a booster seat with tether strap (included or retrofit one). My description is for the strap mounted as a loop and fitted with the double buckle. Some of the other seats have the tether strap not looped, but anchored on the back of the seat. You might be able to use this description, but will have to experiment to adjust it so it works. On small drawings I mark red the loose end of the tether strap and blue the end of the tether strap with the anchor and buckles. Picture 1 shows the seat as it is for normal use with the tether anchor.

Undo the buckles on the tether strap Picture 2.

Put the car seat in it's place and throw the loose end over the back of the third row seat and the end with the anchor slide through between the bottom and back part of the third row seat as seen on Picture 3. 

Now slide the loose end through the buckles as shown on Picture 4.

Now loop the loose end and slide it through the buckles again as shown on Picture 5. Leave the loop un-tighten.

Now hold the buckles and pull down the end of the strap with the anchor down, so it tightens around back of the third row seat as shown on picture 6.

Now hold the buckles and pull the loose end to tighten the loop and secure the strap around the beck of the third row seat as shown on Picture 7.

Now check if the strap is not un-tightening when you pull on both ends of the loop as shown on Picture 8 (Notice my red fingers, it was holding tight Very Happy.).

And here on Picture 9 is the finished thing, IMHO as good as the tether anchor.

NOTE: There were some discussions about the ability of the seat back to withstand the impact with added weight of the car seat attached to it as described above. So perhaps running the tether strap all the way around the bottom cushion of the seat would be a better solution. Not sure if the strap is long enough for that.
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