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Author: LazyFox
Date: Wed Aug 06, 2003 2:04 pm

OK let's start. I ordered the AutoPark 2000 online from for $26.94 including shipping.

Here is the manufacturers website


First of all, the supplied wiring is not long enough to do the install on MPV. So get yourself some extra wire, preferably of the similar thickness and strength if you can.

 I was trying to take off the left license plate light. It wouldn't work, so I tried the right one and broke it. You want to take off the left light as it is closer to the left rear of the car, where you want your wires connect to the reverse light and lead the wire through the side where the jack and woofer is.


However I found a way to fix it. I drilled a small hole in the middle. When putting back I pushed the light all the way to the left and as soon as the hole was aligned with the edge of the hole for the light in the lift gate, I screwed a small screw in it. Holds pretty tight. Here we are getting a bit ahead on this picture as you can see the wires going through the light hole inside the lift gate. I just used the right one as it was already out and broken (wouldn't risk to break even the left one).


I knew that supplied wires will not be long enough and the beeper wire connected to the AutoPark 2000 unit is shorter for some reason, so I started with pulling the long wire connected to the beeper. I took of the rear left cup holder and arm rest panel. I slide the wire through a hole in the mount of the rear electric motor assembly, so it wasn't loose there. BTW if you not extend the beeper cable, after you are done installing, the beeper will not go further than under the cup holder.


Than I slide the wire through the seat belt bottom mount.


Than under the carpet pin and around the trunk hook. That way the wire is tight, not visible and I didn't have to use any tape.


Than after I removed the rear light, I slide the wire from the beeper through the hole for rear light.


Than taken off two panels from inside of the lift gate, see the picture. Be careful when you take them off. Those steel pins are sometimes not clipped tight on the panel and they might fall off as you pop it out, so be ready to see where they fall. When you put the panels back, you can squeeze those loose clips tighter and clip them back on the panels, so if you take them off in the future they will not fall off.


I didn't want to take the whole inside panel of the lift gate off. Good think I'm a pack-rat (DW hates it Wink ), I used the wire from broken window screen. I taped the end of the wire from the beeper (coming out of the rear light hole) to it and poked it through until it showed up in the license plate light hole. You will need to work with the lift gate almost closed, as if it's open, the wire will be to short. I had to pull only corner of the inside lift gate panel to be able to do this. 

07.jpg  08.jpg 09.jpg

Than I pulled the wire out and closed the lift gate. Than I unscrewed those two screws helping to hold the lift gate outside handle. Than I mounted the AutoPark 2000 bracket on the license plate. Make sure to put the bracket in proper direction as those side screw holes are drilled in diagonal cross position. Also you want to have the unit mounted with the banner on top, means the unit should point in slightly downwards angle.  Popped the unit on the bracket and slide the wires under the handle cover as on the picture. Than I secured the unit with side screws to the bracket. I had to actually use washers between the bracket and license plate, as the holes on the unit and the bracket would not align. And still the right screw I screwed on a bit sideways as it still wasn't 100% aligned.


Than I connected wires from the beeper with the wires for the beeper from the unit with supplied connectors. I taped the wires from the unit to the reverse light to it. I pulled it through the inside of the lift gate. 


As I used the right license plate light hole, it barely got to the edge of the lift gate (if you use the left hole of the license plate light it should come out a bit more. I untaped the wires intended to connect to the backup light and pulled the wire out.


I put all 4 wires together and taped them with electrical tape to existing wire cluster on the lift gate.


Than I snapped back on the panels of the lift gate I took off previously. I also taped those wires together to make only one string coming from under the panel.


Wires intended to connect to the backup light fall short, they stopped about half way down from the top to the rear  light. I went to buy extension. Well it was a hell. I had to take my 3yr old and 7mnth old with me. I went to Radioshack, Autozone, Pep Boys, Kragen, OSH, Home Depot and later that night to Microcenter and Fry's. Well I couldn't find similar double wire as supplied with the unit. Closest I found were in OSH and home Depot, but seemed to thick to me. Well again thanks to my pack ratting, I dissected wires out of a power cord from burned out kitchen mixer I saved. I extended the cable. I just twisted two cables together and taped it with electrical tape. Than using  supplied connectors I tapped into wires coming out of the reverse  light. It is the bottom one in the middle. You don't need to cut anything, just insert on the wire of the backup light, insert the wire from the unit and squeeze it with pliers, than click the plastic cover over it. You can see how I tapped into the wires on next picture (those two orange plastic things).


When I was at the Radioshack, at least I got these Self-Adhesive Telephone Wire Clips (PN 278-1667A). I sticked these on the back pilar as on the picture. I cleaned the paint with the Goof Off to make sure they stick well.

16.jpg 17.jpg

After I had the wire secured all the way down, I put the rear cluster light back on. First I put the plug through the hole, you can see the rubber seal ring with the beeper wire going through on the side of it. After the cluster rear light is put on, the wire from the beeper and wire from the reverse light goes up between the light cover as you can see on the picture above.

18.jpg 19.jpg

Well all done here. Maybe I will use the touch up paint to paint the wires, so they are not that visible.




Now I need to play with calibrating the unit. Maybe I will leave it as it is, because it seems like it works great for parking now.

Well I thought that it might work as a rear visibility system, but the coverage is just only in the middle part of the van. If you stand behind left or right rear light, it doesn't beep. Also the way the range is set up by standard, you will not be able to stop in time if you were backing a bit faster. It is just to short and you would not be able to react. Well what do I want for 30 bucks. Maybe I will try to set the zone distance to the maximum and see how it detects objects further away.

I have the beeper under the rear left cup holder, sitting on the wheel well. If radio is not on, it is loud enough. I plan to get some better wire somewhere and do the rewiring and extend the beeper all the way to the front closer to the driver seat or at least putting it out of the inside and sticking it on the interior wall, somewhere on the left C pillar. 

Update: Well it seems to be prone to false alarms when hit by the direct Sun. Seems the IR is not the best technology for this kind of job, so at some point in the future I plan to replace this with some sonar based system.
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