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Rear Mud Guards Installation

Author: Olyts
Date: Wed Aug 27, 2003 4:10 pm

Rear Mud Guards Installation for Mazda MPV 2000+

Instructions were originally posted by Subearu as a PDF file, available here.

image1.png1. The 'Before' picture. Notice the 2 existing plastic screws (noted by the arrows on the left side). Simply unscrew them (about ½ turn or so) and pull out. Also notice the punch-out tabs (the arrows on the right side).
image2.png2. The body plastic will be able to pull away from the wheel well plastic (black). Notice the 2 tabs in the black plastic now exposed. You may need to snip the tabs free.
image3.png3. Slip the metal screw clips over the body plastic holes. You can also see the black plastic tab holes better  here.
image4.png4. Re-attach the body plastic to the fender well, making sure that the body plastic fits under the black plastic tabs. Pop the snap screws back in place
image5.png5. Screw the mud guard screws into the new holes. Tighten until snug, don't over tighten or you'll strip the metal clips!
image6.png6. This screw is tough! The metal clip need to be 'adjusted' to fit properly on the black plastic of the wheel well. 'Adjusted'  = cutting part of the top portion of the clip off to fit around the black wheel well where it was supposed to go. The guard will probably be secured enough without this 3rd screw in place. So, I'd call it optionnal
image7.png7. The 'after' picture - the finished product! Repeat the steps for the other side. Smile

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