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Dead Pedal

Author: LazyFox
Date: Sun Aug 31, 2003 6:52 pm

The Dead Pedal

OK, here is as I like to usual do, simple and cheap solution. Get one of those rubber mats at your local automotive shop like Kragen or AutoZone. Also you will need pieces of some Velcro with a self adhesive tape.

Take a scissors and cut out piece of the mat. Dimensions are on following picture.



Stick pieces of the Velcro (the side with hooks, not the cloth side) on the back of the piece you cut out.


I used only two little pieces, mainly because it was all I had at the time and also this is only a temporary solution, till I find better way to fasten it in its place. For now it works, but it doesn't hold firm enough, so I expect it to be shifting. Problem is, that the carpet in that area is not as hairy to work well with the Velcro strip. I'm thinking about more Velcro on the piece glued with some superglue and using a stapler to fasten the Velcro contra piece on the carpet over the dead pedal area.

Here is the final look of the dead pedal.


OK, here is an update. It was working well for over a month, no movement at all. However I found that the glue was the cause of the failure in the end. As the car was out on the sun few times, the glue on the Velcro strips melted and the rubber pedal started to shift. I removed the rubber and saw that the glue was all over it and left some marks on the carpet too. I was surprised how hard was actually to remove those Velcro strips from the carpet. Apparently while using the area, my foot generated enough pressure, to press those strips into the carpet strong enough, so it was hard to take them out. That was a good news, meaning the Velcro is enough to hold it in the place. So I removed the glue from the Velcro and rubber pedal using GooOff and washed the carpet with soapy water. I than used a stapler to staple the Velcro back on the rubber pedal and placed it back on the carped. Pressed hard with my foot to imprint the Velcro into the carpet and I'm back in business. So if you decide to do this, just use Velcro without the glue and staple it on the rubber.
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