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Author: Madbrad
Date: Thu Mar 30, 2006 4:46 pm

-First, maximize this window so the text lines up properly with the pictures.-

If the driver’s door lock on your 2000 and probably later model year Mazda MPV does not operate properly, if you hear a screech when pushing the button or it just won’t lock or unlock, and/or if you need to hold the lock lever or key in the unlock position with one hand while opening the door with the other, odds are your power actuator is dead. It could happen on any of your doors but the driver’s door is the most used and the most commonly offending door. The specific problem is a worn gear in the power actuator. This is not repairable. You must order a new actuator from your dealer. What follows is a step by step guide to changing the actuator. Not much mechanical skill is required for this. A modicum of mechanical inclination will provide the necessary confidence.

Remove door panel. This is discussed in another DIY article. Click here to see it.It includes removing the sail panel trim and the handle/lock cables which are of interest to us.

Admire Infinity reference speaker. If this job goes well, you won’t see it again for a long time. Remember to check why it buzzes before closing things up. Remark how this would have been the time to buy Dynamat.
Peel back plastic vapour barrier from latch end laterally ½ way. Use a sharp knife to cut the butyl sealant to make it easier.

Unsnap the interior cables from these clips in the door. __Unclip these rods from the back of the exterior handle.

Unplug this connector.____________________________Pop out this retainer. It’s OK if it breaks as the new part has one.

Using a #3 Philips driver, remove the 3 screws on the end of the door from the latch assembly, and draw the assembly out of the door. Let it hang by the interior cables. Admire speaker again.

Pick it up again. The offending actuator is the white plastic lump attached to the latch assembly.
Remove the splash shield by removing this screw______and sliding it off this snap retainer.

Slide the splash shield up the cable and out of the way.

Unclip this cable from the latch assembly.______________Separate the actuator with these two screws.

Undo this bow tie retainer to complete the separation. ___________Here is the old actuator separated.

Transfer this clip to the new actuator.

Now install the new actuator and put everything back together by reversing all these instructions. Test with remote and door button before closing panel up.

Here is the old actuator taken apart.________________Here is the offending gear. It is the first one the motor’s gear drives.

The motor has a metal gear whereas all the others are plastic. There are 2 areas of worn teeth visible here.
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