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Removing Front Door Trim on 2000+ MPV

Author: Alex
Date: Sun Jun 15, 2003 10:39 pm

This article will show you step by step how to remove the front door interior trim. Generally it is quite easy to do, but I hope that with this guide you'll save yourself some guesswork.

Ok, according to the Workshop Manual for my 2000 MPV, this is the recommended procedure:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable if equipped with power window
  2. Remove the inner garnish
  3. Remove the regulator handle if equipped
  4. Remove the two (2) fasteners
  5. Remove the cover
  6. Remove the screw A
  7. Remove the screw B
  8. Remove the lens or cap
  9. Remove the screw C
  10. Disengage clips D from the body using a fastener remover
  11. Pull the front door trim upwards, then disengage hooks E from the body.
  12. Extract the inner handle from the front door trim.
  13. Disconnect the door lock switch connector and the power window main switch connector if equipped (driver's side).
  14. Disconnect the power window sub switch connector if equipped (passenger's side)
  15. Remove the courtesy light if equipped
  16. Remove the front door trim
  17. Install in the reverse order of removal.

The following diagram will explain the location of the components mentioned:


I discovered that there was one clip missing on my door. I don't know if this is because mine is LX with power locks/windows or anything else. Here is the position of all the hooks and clips on my door:


The look from the other side:


To remove the inner garnish, just pull it from top. It has a clip and a hook. The clip just snaps off and the hook disenages when pulling further:


Here is the door without the garnish:


Now in order to remove the fasteners you can use just a screwdriver. The fasteners will come off just like screws:


Screws A and B are under plastic caps. The caps in the door handle has two flaps on front/rear sides and can be pried off very easily with a small screwdriver:


Attention: the screw B's cover doesn't come off completely. It is attached with the rear side and just tilts open. It has the holding flaps on the remaining three sides:


The screw C is behind the lamp lens on my car. The lens itself has four flaps and can be pried off with a screwdriver:


To disengage the clips E on the door, I used a big screwdriver to pull the trim on the lock side of the door. You might want to wrap the screwdriver with electric tape to prevent the door pain from scratching. You should insert a screwdriver as close to the lock-side clip as possible and try to pry the trim until that clip disengage. Be sure not to push a screwdriver to far inside - the door screen is attached to the body with some thick black goo you don't want to smear all over the door (see here for more details)

Once you detach all the clips (4) just pull the trim upwards to disengage the two hooks on the top of the trim (see also the pictures above):


Once you detach the trim do not pull it to far from the door body. The power lock and window harnesses are really short. You will have to detach the door lock switch and the window controls. The two connectors have small flaps on their sides which hold them in place. You need to press them in to pull the connectors out:


Do not forget about the courtesy light lamp as well.

This completes the removal of the front door trim. To install it back, do everything in reverse order. One note, though. When reinstalling the trim, make sure you put the upper hooks deeply in their holes. Do not attach the clips before you fully insert the hooks!

I hope this helps.

The above procedure was performed on the front driver's door of Canadian 2000 MPV LX with Sports Package (with power windows/locks).
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