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CEL and DTC & ABS CODES for Gen1A and Gen1B

Author: Kiwimpv
Date: Sun Feb 18, 2007 2:38 am

Here is a copy of the file of codes for the Gen1 Engine CEL and transmission HOLD light alerts.

1. 89-93 Models CEL Code Retrieval.

First you must turn off the engine and then ground this green plug to earth for 89-93 models, then turn the ignition switch on and count the Check Engine Light codes noting short or long flashes as in the chart below. You can use a paperclip and connect to the studs etc on the fender.

This connector must also be earthed for setting the timing...

Photo courtesy of Gen1Hawaii.

Picture courtesy of Gen1Hawaii
Data from Haynes manual.

2. Transmission HOLD Flash codes.

These originally came from yugadzam in July 2003!

To get these codes - on 89 - 93, under the dash and behind carpet and ECU on driver's side, somewhere is the TCM (Transmission Control Module - or TCU - Unit). Close by is a blue connector with a single pin. this should be grounded and the ignition turned on to read the flashing HOLD codes. Do not do this (earth the connector) with the ignition on!

In the later cars, 94 - 98, connect GND and TAT (Terminal Auto-Transmission) together and then turn on ignition...


01=engine rpm sensor
06= speed sensor
07=speed sensor 2 ( in speedometer)
12=throttle sensor
56=ATF thermosensor
60=shift solonoid A
61=shift solonoid B
62=overrunning clutch solonoid
63=lockup solonoid
64=line pressure solonoid
Also 63 & 64 may indicate a replacement TCM required.

Courtesy of Ou812 & yugadzam Wink

Here... tranny prob. ? ? ?

3. CEL Permanently On
Replacement Maintenance Schedule every 80,000 miles for timing belt and O2 probe.
Also below is a picture of Reset Screw positions.

pic of reset screw location ?

(Hints from Ou812 there... 7th post. )

You must shift a screw from one position to the other to get the light to go out. NC - means Normally connected (Switch=on) and NO means Normally Open. This resets the ODO maintenance warning to the next milestone (+80,000 miles).

4. DTC Codes for Engine 96-98

You must follow the instructions for the Diagnosis Connector as above for engine codes GND to TEN (Terminal for ENgine)

These tables have overlapping codes...

Engine codes from TEN & GND:

5. DTC codes for Transmission Faults (Flashing HOLD light.)

The method is to link GND to TAT (Terminal for Auto Transmission) in the diagnosis connector under the hood, driver's fender.

Pictures courtesy of MGonzales and Gen1Hawaii here:

Is there a Check Engine Codes list??

6. DTC Codes for ABS 92?-98


Turn your key to the on posistion, and wait to see if the "ABS" light starts to flash. If not, There should be a gray single pin connector on the driver side fenderwall. Unhook that and jump the grey/white side to a ground momentarily when it is grounded then the ground broken the light should start flashing.

The '91 has a 3 pin blue connector. On that one, if you hold the connector so the horizontal pin is down you ground the pin on the left.

either way, these are the codes--

(2,3,4,)-Hydraulic unit

(6)-Ring gear speed sensor

(7,8,)-Hydraulic unit

(9.10)-Ring gear speed sensor

(11)-Stoplight switch

(13,14,15)-Control unit

Courtesy of Ou812 again Wink

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